“Sweet Gnome Chicago” and Conservatory Highlights

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"Sweet Gnome Chicago"


What an amazing Spring Flower Show we had! Whether or not you are a lover of gnomes, a regular at the Conservatory or were just plain curious, visitors flocked to “Sweet Gnome Chicago” in record numbers this Spring. Aided by very mild weather, Chicagoans, and many visitors from around the world participated in our gnome scavenger hunt, took selfies with “Mega Gnome” and some even donated and brought one of the ceramic gnomes on display home with them for their own gardens. In all, we greeted over 56,000 visitors to the Conservatory during the show.

After-hours event

On the evening of Friday, April 5, we hosted “Meet the Artists!”  Funding by the Lincoln Park Conservancy, allowed Ms. Sakowski to oversee a massive artistic process in which unique and colorful garden gnomes were painted in classes, homes, and cultural centers by Chicagoans of all ages. Participants created gnomes in honor of parents, countries, sports teams, movies, and more; thus, each gnome has its own unique “personality”. Our after-hours event gave visitors a chance to enjoy the Spring Show and to meet Zena, Rob, and some of their collaborators and the artists behind your favorite gnomes.

What's coming up at the Conservatory

Florasonic – In Relation to [Ferns]  Through Sunday, July 28

Fern house pic“This collaborative sound installation arose from the graduate seminar “Sound, Performance, and Land” at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, co-taught by Visiting Professor Raven Chacon and Whitney Johnson. After visiting the Lincoln Park Conservatory, reading texts engaged with indigenous sound practice, and conceptualizing the land we inhabit, four teams of artists produced multichannel works in sound and performance. In conjunction with this installation, the collective is releasing the LP In Relation to [Ferns] with sound, images, and language exploring the botanical archive, decolonizing human-organic interaction, and futuring our embodied presence with this land.”

Don’t forget about the outdoor gardens. There are 3 outdoor gardens just adjacent to the Conservatory building with a long history:

The French Formal Garden or Great Garden

Lying just south of the Conservatory entrance is the formal
garden first planted in 1877 and flanked by the Eli Gates Fountain and the
Schiller Monument. Visitors of the Conservatory and Lincoln Park Zoo look forward to the annual planting of this garden.

Grandmother’s Garden

An English perennial garden located just across Stockton Drive
from the Conservatory considered an English Country Garden first constructed in
1887. The William Shakespeare Monument sits in the middle of this garden. You
will see a lot of dogs, families, school children and sunbather’s enjoying this
“hidden” garden during the summer.

Conifer Garden

Framing the Conservatory’s glass house is the Conifer
Garden. As visit the Conservatory, do not forget to walk through the Conifer
Garden on the outskirts of the building. It is complete with an extensive collection
of conifers and perennial flowers blooming all through the growing season.

Look for many events to come by keeping up with our Events Calendar

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