Introducing Our new Logo Suite

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The mission of the Lincoln Park Conservancy is to preserve and enhance the inspiring beauty of Chicago’s largest and most visited park for current and future generations. We believe that beauty matters, and that all visitors to Lincoln Park have an unfolding story to tell, with the Park as the backdrop. As the Conservancy approaches its 40th anniversary as the nonprofit champion of Lincoln Park, we’re pleased to launch a new suite of logos that reflect our current mission and vision.  

In 2021-2022, the Conservancy engaged in strategic planning to chart our work for the next five years. Through this plan we intend to recommit ourselves to our current and past projects, while expanding our focus to serve all parts of Lincoln Park’s 1,200+ acres and the many communities that utilize and shape the park, from Osterman Beach to Ohio Street Beach. In addition to updating our mission and vision statements, the organization developed three major goals for the next three to five years, themed around the concepts Play, Care, and Grow: 

Play: Maintain Lincoln Park at its highest level, keeping it a beautiful and natural place for Chicagoans and their families to recreate. 

Care: Identify, fund, and manage capital projects to improve the park-experience of all visitors. 

Grow: Expand our reach to serve all parts of Chicago’s largest park. 

These broad goals are not simply the outcome of internal discussion but reflect dialogue with and feedback from key stakeholders including Conservancy volunteers, staff, and Board; current and prospective Lincoln Park partner organizations; elected officials; the Chicago Park District; and the public (through our 2021 park user survey). We are excited to channel our energy and propel into our next forty years of working to better the Park, relying on the lessons learned from this important and ongoing community engagement in our work. 

The Conservancy’s new logo suite represents a visual manifestation of our future: celebrating and recommitting to our past work and projects, while growing our impact to benefit all neighborhoods running the park’s 1,200+ acres. The “lake” logo, our primary logo in year one, reflects the park itself and the Lincoln Park lakefront from Ohio Street Beach to Kathy Osterman Beach. The rippling water also represents the recently restored North Pond. Each logo includes green leaves at its base. These leaves not only symbolize the lushness of the park but also represent the pages of a book, unfolding Lincoln Park and its visitors’ stories over time.  

The five complementary logos reflect various iconic locations in the park where the Conservancy has traditionally worked, along with symbols of nature including a flower in bloom and the rising sun. Recreation in nature was one of the primary purposes park users identified as bringing them to the park in our 2021 survey, and the Conservancy is committed to keeping the park beautiful and natural for its nearly 20 million annual visitors, now and for the future.  

The new Lincoln Park Conservancy logos will officially launch on Earth Day 2023. If you’d like to support us and help spread the word of our work to preserve and enhance the park, visit our Earth Day information table or the foyer of the Lincoln Park Conservatory to pick up a branded t-shirt and hat. Additional branded items will drop throughout the year, so stay tuned to social media and our newsletter for updates. 

We look forward to your partnership in this next chapter of Lincoln Park and the Conservancy’s unfolding story. Your continued support helps us power the park through fundraising, volunteerism, and improvement projects. Here’s to the next 40 years, working together on behalf of the park that gives us all so much! 

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