Special Post – North Pond Update – Stay Safe; Stay off the Ice

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Dear Friends, 

We are so excited by the positive changes to North Pond over this past season. One big change is the dredging of the Pond to nearly 10 feet in the northern section. As a reminder, skating or walking on the ice is never permitted at North Pond (fishing or swimming, either). With the Pond’s increased depths following the dredging, risk of serious injury or death is significantly increased. In addition, installation of aerators designed to keep water moving year-round means that some parts of the pond never freeze completely.  Additional KEEP OFF THE ICE signs will be installed around the pond in the coming week. We ask visitors to enjoy North Pond safely from the shoreline.


Wishing everyone a very happy holiday season and bright year ahead! 

Your friends from, 

The Lincoln Park Conservancy 



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