North Pond Nature Sanctuary

The Restoration

North Pond Nature Sanctuary

Address: The 15-acre sanctuary is located in Lincoln Park between Fullerton and Diversey Parkways, and Stockton and Cannon Drives.

Hours: 6 am to 11 pm every day

Daytime Phone: (773) 883-7275

Handicapped Accessibility: The North Pond Nature Sanctuary is handicapped accessible, except for certain mulched shoreline paths and the fly-casting pier.

Visitor Etiquette: While visiting North Pond Nature Sanctuary, please:

  • No fishing — the pier is for fly-casting practice only.
  • Protect habitat by staying on the paths.
  • Do not pick flowers or remove natural elements.
  • Dogs and bicycle-riding are not allowed on the shoreline nature trails.
  • For their own safety, please keep dogs leashed and out of the water.
  • No swimming or boating allowed.
  • Keep off ice in winter

Why We Ask You Not to Feed Wildlife:

  • Feeding birds at the Pond is a fun interaction, but harmful in the long run. Human food is not meant for their digestion, and leftovers attract rodents.
  • Feeding waterfowl can disrupt natural migratory behavior.
  • Feeding ducks and geese increases their numbers and alters the ecosystem. Huge flocks of these birds pollute the water and litter the lawn with their droppings. When birds are crowded, diseases spread more quickly.
  • Birds need natural nutrients from a diet of plants, seeds, and insects. Bread and human food are like junk food, filling their stomachs with unhealthy food that can make them sick. It also discourages birds from foraging for natural food.
  • Feeding causes dependency on people and make birds susceptible to human abuse or harm when they become trusting of everyone they approach.
  • Feeding wildlife makes them bold. When animals lose their natural fear of humans, it causes uncomfortable, even fearful, encounters with park visitors who do not trust or like such close encounters with wild animals.

In 2022, the Conservancy completed the major work in the $7.3M restoration of North Pond, funded with the generous support of over 550 individual donors. The project comprehensively dredged the pond; graded, restored and replanted its eroded shoreline; and added sustainability features including a natural polymer liner and park underdrains to combat water loss. The project also included park improvements including new benches, paths and lighting to upgrade visitors’ experience. The initial phase of the North Pond project comprised the building of the Sunshine Playscape, a nature playground adjacent to the Pond, in 2019. The final component of the restoration phase will focus on adding nearly 70 new trees, hundreds of native plants, and thousands of native seeds during the spring and summer of 2023. Once completed, our true stewardship of the Pond will begin with the help of our dedicated North Pond Gardeners and corporate volunteers. 

Details: In 1999, North Pond was rehabilitated by the Chicago Park District and the Lincoln Park Conservancy, and renamed the North Pond Nature Sanctuary. What was once a landscape filled with Kentucky blue grass and lilac bushes soon became a thriving, natural ecosystem built around a diverse palette of native plants that provide food, shelter, and breeding habitat to local and migrating wildlife. Today, over 150 plant species attract 220+ bird species and numerous small mammals, reptiles, insects, and amphibians.

The Lincoln Park Conservancy has continually maintained the North Pond Nature Sanctuary since its 1999 rehabilitation. We provide a full-time Site Manager and two seasonal employees to help maintain the pond, and offer volunteer programs and events.

Restoration Status: Restored 2019-2022; stewardship ongoing through our NP Gardeners and corporate workday programs.

Location: The 15-acre sanctuary is located in Lincoln Park between Fullerton and Diversey Parkways, and Stockton and Cannon Drives in Chicago, IL 60614

Owned and Managed By: The Chicago Park District

Maintenance and Programming By: The Lincoln Park Conservancy

Current Size: 15 acres

Original Landscape Architect: Swain Nelson and Olaf Benson


Check here regularly as up-to-date resources and information will be shared throughout the spring and summer.

  • Get the latest news on the North Pond Restoration in our weekly blog series.
  • View a “before/after” shoreline diagram to see how North Pond’s shoreline grading and planting will help ensure its health long-term.
  • The North Pond Restoration project is in the news. Click here for April 2022 press.
  • For additional North Pond artist’s renderings click here.
Artist’s rendition of the completed restoration at North Pond
Aerial View of North Pond


The Lincoln Park Conservancy began work on the North Pond Restoration Project in April.  Through December 2022, the following project components have been completed:

  • dredging of the Pond to increase depth and improve water quality,
  • grading and planting of the Pond bottom and banks to reduce erosion and runoff,
  • increasing the Pond’s watershed by adding drainage in the surrounding park to direct stormwater to the Pond,
  • automating the Pond’s municipal water source to reduce reliance on and use of city water,
  • ‘lining’ the Pond with a natural polymer flocculant to reduce water loss to groundwater,
  • adding new vantage points and vistas,
  • installing new fencing to protect natural areas and reduce soil compaction,
  • planting of submergent plants to stabilize the Pond bottom, and
  • seeding of the Pond’s shoreline with native plants that will add additional habitat around the Pond.


The last major component for the project’s first phase will be extensive planting of the Pond’s shoreline during the spring of 2023 with over 70 new trees, hundreds of native plant plugs, and thousands of additional native seeds.

Stay tuned for details on our public celebration of North Pond’s restoration on Earth Day 2023 (Saturday, April 22).  At this event we will launch our ongoing community stewardship campaign and kickoff our 2023 season of our North Pond Gardeners stewardship program to help keep North Pond healthy and vibrant for years to come!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to make the project a reality!

North Pond Restoration Project Timeline



A General Guide of What to Expect:


  • April 2022: Mobilization; fencing installed.
  • May: Erosion control measures; removal of dead or compromised trees.
  • June-July : Dredging operation; storm-sewer and drainage.
  • August – mid-September: Bank restoration, pond grading & path improvements.
  • September-November: aerators installed; turf replacement.
  • December: Application of natural polymer flocculant liner to reduce water loss to groundwater
  • April 2023: North Pond Restoration Project celebration (April 22), launch of 2023 North Pond Gardeners volunteer stewardship program
  • April-June: Planting of native trees, plants, and shrubs along the Pond’s shoreline
  • June 2023: Project completion, Phase 1.

Short-term Human & Wildlife Impacts:

While restoration work is taking place at North Pond, there will be some short-term impacts on humans and wildlife. However, the Lincoln Park Conservancy is committed to ensuring minimal disturbance of the animal and human visitors:

  • Our staff and contractors walked the site this spring to identify and mark for protection key nesting areas.
  • Additionally, dredge workers will be able to clearly observe the materials being gathered up from the Pond bottom and to relocate any wildlife unintentionally disturbed.
  • Finally, portions of the Pond will remain wet even during the dredge to ensure habitat for aquatic life.

What You Can Expect:

  • Path closures
  • Fencing
  • Tree removal
  • Nesting and migration — We will use an adaptive strategy to protect key nesting sites and habitat.
  • Aquatic species — Portions of the Pond will remain wet and contractors will observe exactly what they are gathering during the dredge process and relocate animals that may be disturbed.

Learn More and Get involved

Speak with a Champion

Join North Pond Gardeners

Attend or Host a Meeting

Watch a recording of the public meeting with the Conservancy on Wednesday, April 20th at 6pm.

You may also schedule a one-on-one or small group presentation with Executive Director Rafael Rosa.

Volunteer North Pond Champions are in the Park during the warm weather seasons to answer questions and share news about the North Pond project. Look for individuals wearing a green apron! Email us if you’d like to train as a Champion.


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Through the generosity of our donors, we’ve reached our $7.3M project budget to restore North Pond. Still, the need for financial support remains ongoing while the Conservancy moves through this construction year, as unanticipated costs may arise. Beyond the restoration, the Conservancy is committed to establishing an endowment to maintain the gains made by the North Pond Project. We appreciate your help!

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