North Pond Restoration Update

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I’m running out of things to say. For folks that know me, that never happens. And in truth, I have plenty to report this week, but as the North Pond Restoration Project winds down this fall, the pieces are falling into place nicely and the amount of new information to share is decreasing. The project is on its way to wrapping up.

The most noticeable new work this week is the installation of permanent fencing around North Pond’s natural areas, which will continue into next week. The fencing is a great addition to the newly restored Pond and is much more durable and aesthetically pleasing than the fencing it replaces. New aerators which I mentioned in last week’s blog are now slated for installation next week. Expect to see increased activity and potential, short-lived path closures or flaggers in the park during installation.

Once the aerators are installed, the last major project component will be the application of the natural polymer liner. This powder will be applied in the water and will settle to the bottom and bind with the sediment to create a semi-impermeable barrier to help retain water in the Pond. This is important to offset the significant amount of water that North Pond loses to groundwater, which the liner will help reduce by up to 80 percent, making the pond more sustainable.

Speaking of water, boy did we see a lot of it on Sunday. I think many of us (me included) experienced direct impacts from the deluge including flooded basements, streets, cars (and more). As you know, pre-restoration the area north of the Pond was prone to regular flooding and water retention. While this area was impacted by Sunday’s torrential rains, the grading of the site and installation of an underlying drainage system helped to dissipate the water much more quickly than would have previously been the case. Can you imagine what that area would have looked like without the new drainage? Better yet, the drainage system directs stormwater to North Pond, reducing the Pond’s need for municipal make-up water. This improved sustainability is good for the Park, Pond and Planet. You can’t beat a trifecta win like that. While work is wrapping up, this blog will continue through the project’s completion later this fall. Stay tuned for more next week.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend. For questions email Doug Widener or to learn more read our weekly blog series.

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