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North Pond Restoration Update: October 14, 2022

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by Doug Widener

Change is in the air. It definitely feels like fall outside as nature puts on one last great show of color before nestling down for winter. Changes are also afoot at North Pond in response to much appreciated community input.

First, we hope many are pleased to see the fencing being shortened around the pond. Work to shorten and remove fencing will continue through the next few weeks. While the silver box at the North end is still there for now, fabricators began work on a new screened enclosure to be installed later this fall. The new covering will blend better into the landscape and not obstruct views of the pond. Sledders, anticipating winter’s arrival and our first snow, will be happy to learn that the new light poles installed to the southeast of the Sunshine Playscape are slated to be moved to locations closer to the playground and away from the hill. If you’re curious, look for the red circles with X’s that approximate the new locations. Still left to complete are the final installations of the aerators, mixers, and flocculant liner later this month.

While the completion of the above tasks will mark the completion of most of the North Pond Restoration Project’s first and most important phase, one vital and ongoing component will continue into 2023 (and beyond): planting of plants and trees. While submergent and shoreline plugs and seeds went in this fall, our plans include many more native plants, shrubs, and trees that will be planted next spring to optimize their establishment and success. Once planted, many species will take time to establish, and the Pond’s natural areas will continue to evolve and grow in the months and years to come. We hope you will join our efforts to help maintain and steward North Pond going forward. Volunteer stewardship workdays at North Pond will continue through the end of October and begin again in early April. For those looking for winter opportunities, stay tuned as later this year we will publicize some special workdays especially for the chillier months. Our volunteer stewards are a vital part of our work and help us ensure North Pond’s care long-term. Learn more about these efforts and how to get involved here. Thank you for your continued support and care for North Pond!

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