North Pond Restoration Update: November 4, 2022

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by Doug Widener

Welcome to the first monthly edition of our North Pond Restoration blog. We will maintain a monthly format over the winter and return to weekly updates in April when spring planting of North Pond’s shoreline with trees, shrubs, and native plants will mark the last important phase of the restoration. It will then be up to us and our dedicated volunteers to steward and retain the site long-term!

For today’s entry I would like to focus on the final key parts of the project to be completed this year. First, we expect the equipment cover to replace the shiny metal box at the north end to be installed before Thanksgiving. Final electrical work is being completed on the aerators and related mixers which should be operational by mid-month. Light poles installed adjacent to the new path to the south of the Sunshine Playscape have been moved to the north side of the path to accommodate winter sledders. Work to pare back and scale down the fencing is also nearing completion. Up next is the application of the natural polymer flocculant liner in the pond to reduce water loss to groundwater. Once these tasks are completed most work will pause for the winter and pickup next spring as we focus on the last and most important step of this phase, shoreline planting.

Finally, the beaver. The US Department of Agriculture was on site yesterday to find and safely relocate the beaver. We will also work with our Chicago Park District partners and our project contractor to install additional beaver protection around several existing trees and all new trees next spring. Lastly, even though the colors of fall are fading, nature isn’t done with the art show. Check out some pictures from earlier today; even on an overcast day in November, there is so much beauty that surrounds us at North Pond. 

Thank you for your interest in and support of the North Pond Restoration Project and for helping us preserve this natural gem for now and for future generations. As we prepare for Thanksgiving later this month, we want to thank you, our loyal supporters, for all you do for North Pond and Chicago’s largest park. Wishing you and those you love a Happy Thanksgiving! 





Fall at North Pond


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