North Pond Restoration Update: December 16, 2022

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North Pond Restoration Update – December 2023

by Doug Widener

While the weather turns cold this fall and winter, the North Pond Restoration Update has moved to a monthly format. While work has definitely slowed from its pace this spring and summer, the contractors are checking off some final to-dos before the year ends. First, you may have noticed a small boat on the pond which was applying the natural polymer flocculant liner to the water. This flocculant will sink and bond to the pond bottom forming a semi-impermeable barrier to limit the pond’s water loss to groundwater, while still allowing turtles and other creatures to burrow and nest.

As you have likely also noticed, there is beaver activity at the pond. While initial efforts to safely remove and relocate the beaver proved unsuccessful (due to a very illusive beaver), we have installed protective fencing and wire around vulnerable trees to avoid further tree damage or loss. We will plant over 70 new trees around the pond this coming spring, which will be protected in the same way.

Finally, aerators and mixers are installed and operating to help keep water moving and ensure healthy oxygen levels. We are still waiting on the new equipment screening to replace the big metal box at the north end of the pond and anticipate its installation in the next week or two.

While much of the restoration work is complete, there is one key element yet to come next spring: planting and seeding. Around Earth Day 2023 look for the 70+ new native trees referenced above to be planted along with hundreds of native plant plugs and shrubs and thousands of additional native plant seeds. Also mark your calendar for Earth Day 2023 (Saturday, April 22) when we will host a special celebration for the completion of the project in conjunction with our annual Earth Day stewardship event. The day will also kick off the season for our North Pond Gardeners—our loyal volunteers who work with us from spring to fall to steward the pond and its surroundings. While the pond’s restoration may be nearing completion, our ongoing stewardship work is just beginning, and we hope to see you next year helping us keep North Pond healthy and vibrant for this and future generations. Email us to learn more about getting involved.

Thank you for your support of North Pond’s restoration. Without your generosity and that of over 550 community members, the project wouldn’t have been possible. If you haven’t yet donated, there’s still time and need as we hope to add even more plants and trees next fall. You can make your contribution here. There’s never been a better time to support the project, as all donations will be matched dollar-for-dollar through year’s end by a generous, anonymous donor. 

On behalf of the Board and staff of the Lincoln Park Conservancy, we wish you a wonderful holiday season and bright year ahead!


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