North Pond Restoration Update

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The Dog Days of Summer aren’t here just yet. In fact, summer only officially started last week, but recent heat and lack of rain has me feeling like it’s full-blown summer. It feels that way around North Pond too, with low water levels and dredging activity now concentrated on the northern portion of the pond. Earthmovers are prepping for the deepest part of the dredge—to at least 8 feet—including moving a large volume of material out of the pond and over to Big Marsh. Look for bustling activity this week as trucks will be entering and leaving the park regularly. A significant portion of the north path around the pond and surrounding area will be closed or affected Wednesday through Friday during this part of the operation.

Seeing things as they are from the current vantage, it’s hard–even for me–to imagine the end in-sight, even though it is only a few months away. But sometimes, even a glimpse of what can—or will—be is enough to carry us through the dog days and keep us focused on the future ahead.

I am excited to share that we have a few concept renderings of North Pond to share. I hope they provide some tangible visions of what North Pond will begin to look like in the weeks and months ahead: a vibrant and diverse natural area for now and for the future. Even now, in walking around the pond and comparing current pictures versus these concept images, I can begin to see new graded areas and habitat shelves where emergent vegetation will thrive, along with the birds, animals, and aquatic species that call the pond home.

These images will become reality much sooner than current pictures may lend us to believe. We are in the heaviest earth-moving phase of the project, but as the dog days peak and summer rounds into August, we will see the North Pond Restoration Project round the corner towards completion, as well.

Most heavy machinery will be gone, with fine grading, seeding, and planting of native plants and trees, as well as path and lighting upgrades happening late summer through early fall. Until then, these images and others like them will keep me going even as the visions and sounds around me at present are of a very different nature.

You can learn more from our full project blog series and at the North Pond project page. Or email me with questions or to set up a meeting.

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