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Earth, Water, Fire, Wind & Space, 2023

by artist William J. O’Brien is a multi sensory installation created for the Lincoln Park Conservatory. Learn More At: https://williamjobrien.com/

The two part installation spans both the Palm and Show rooms and consists of over 100 ceramic and papier-mâché sculptures. The sculptures are a response to the wild and varied natural plant habitat. The intention of these works is to promote both a contemplative and sensory experience for the public to spark curiosity, imagination, and contemplation with nature.

The Exhibition is on view and open to the public at the Lincoln Park Conservatory starting Wednesday June 28th until October 1st.

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Join us May through October as we explore the wildflowers, flowering bushes, trees, and other native plants around North Pond and the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool.

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The Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool will be closed during the following event dates

  • 4th of July Weekend – Friday, June 30th through Tuesday, July 4th
  • Air and Water Show Weekend – Friday, August 18th through Sunday, August, 20th
  • Sunday, September 24th from 3 – 5pm
  • Closed for Winter starting Sunday, October 8th
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