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Author: Jeffrey Seleb

North Pond Restoration Update

North Pond is looking like a Pond again! While a few folks (geese and ducks, too) may miss the temporary land-bridge that was used for the Pond’s dredging operations, I

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Illustrate an invasive species in Lincoln Park

Invasive Plants

by Sierra Chmela Invasive plants are nonnative species which often have a detrimental effect on local flora and fauna. Invasive seeds can arrive via animals’ coats or scat, wind, or

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Docenting With the Conservancy

By: Janet Jaramilla and Mary Kay Kammer  Janet and I have been friends since our long-ago grade school days in the western suburbs. We didn’t know exactly what we were getting

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Why I Support the Conservancy

By Jackie DeThorne Recently, I was asked two questions about volunteering and donating. “Why do you volunteer/donate and why do you support the Lincoln Park Conservancy specifically?” My initial thoughts were

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