Stewardship Volunteer 2023 Wrap-Up 

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It was an incredible year with our stewardship volunteers in the Park. Through the efforts of our corporate and North Pond Gardening volunteers, we removed hundreds of gallons of litter, weeded thousands of invasive plants, and helped beautify even more places in Lincoln Park. Expanded community partnerships resulted in us hosting two locations for Public Lands Day cleanups for the first time in our history. THANK YOU to everyone who joined us for the 2023 season to give back to the Park that gives us all so much. We hope to see you again next year!

2023 Stewardship Statistics:

North Pond Gardeners

  • +13 workdays 
  • +225 total participants 
  • +160 new participants 
  • +980 hours of service 
  • +7 community groups  
  • +100s of gallons of litter picked up 
  • +1,000s of invasive plants pulled 
  • +1,000,000s of nuisance seeds prevented  
Corporate Workgroups

  • +14 workdays 
  • +11 companies 
  • +300 participants 
  • +500 hours of service 
  • +100s of gallons of litter picked up 
  • +1000s of dollars raised for stewardship programs
Uptown litter Patrol

  • +2 workdays 
  • +60 participants 
  • +6 community groups 
  • +100 hours of service 
  • +100s of gallons of litter picked up 

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